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New- Here you will find our latest and greatest T-Shirts, and geek t shirts too, the ones that your friends will be high-fiving you for the aura of awesomeness emanating from the fabric. These shirts encompass all of the categories (funny, novel, etc), and as such, will give you a sampler of what to expect if you dive deeper (that's what she said!) into any single section of our products. My personal favorite from this category is the simple and funny "Relax I'm Hilarious", informing all who read that not only will you offer them a good time but that you don't mistake confidence for arrogance. The "New" category is our first and, by the selection available, might be your last.

Funny- Funny- Of course our shirts are funny. The funny category covers all types of humor. You aren’t the only one who thinks “Dying is for Amateurs”, your friends think so too. From politics to zombies to movies you’ll be laughing your way through this category. We all know “you can’t fix stupid but you can vote it out” and if your goal is to have a “psychiatric disorder named after you” we’ve got the shirt for you. The zombie apocalypse is just around the corner so be prepared with one of many zombie t-shirts. We’ve got “zombie response team”, “zombies eat brains” and “if zombies chase us I’m tripping you” just to name a few. Next up is our funny selection. T-Shirts in recent memory have all had a hint of humor, and for good reason because these shirts instantly lighten the mood. There are literally millions of funny T-Shirts out there, but I dare you to find some as funny or original as ours…go on I will wait *counts in head* 3...2…1… yeah! That's what I thought! Shirts like "I'm only lazy when I'm awake" and "Drink Up Bitches" will have your friends LOLing as they see other people's reactions to your humor. Speaking of humor (humour if you're foreign), our Funny category has the aforementioned sense in abundance and variety. We will offend you, trick you, and question your manhood, but don't say we didn't make you laugh :D

TV/Movies- TV/Movies- Take your favorite tv shows and movies with you wherever you go. Our shirts are universally funny and come in a variety of colors and styles. We only offer the best quotes and characters like “Stay Classy San Diego” and “Shitters Full”. Don’t forget your favorite soup nazi “No Soup For You” and the hilarious Griswold family. If you’re a “Stay at home son” don’t be “literally too stupid to insult” and put your favorite tv/movie t-shirts in your shopping cart right now! A.K.A pop culture on a shirt. Do you know McLovin? What about the recent happenings at Dunder Mifflin? Ok, ok then you must know about the new pronunciation of Cool Hhhwhip, right? Ah really? You need to step up your couch potato game! Show how cool you are by referencing these elements of our social history in a way that doesn't make you uncool (read this until it makes sense—it will make you cool, guaranteed).

Women's- When thinking about T-Shirts that are made for women (from a T-Shirt manufacturer) one normally expects to find messages of promiscuity and sexual awareness, well, let me just say that here at you will not find messages of promiscuity and sexual awareness on our Women's T-Shirts, but messages of promiscuity, sexual awareness, and pregnancies! Hey! Hey, we have a Novelty section for all of that original crap! A shirt that caught my attention was "If you're gonna ride my ass you could at least pull my hair". Shirts like these will either fluster or entice your audience, or both if you're hot!

Offensive- Offensive- Now it’s time to get dirty with our offensive shirts. If you agree that “mean people suck and nice people swallow” then you’ve cum to the right section. This section will have you laughing your ass off especially if you “love being a prick” and would rather be a “smart ass than a dumb shit”. Every man can appreciate a good blow job and it may be “The only job you’ll ever love”. But the offensive selection isn’t just about your gigantic cock, it’s got racial jokes that will crack you up like “Immigrants are like sperm, millions get in, but only one works” and “I’m not a racist, I hate everyone equally”. So sit back, grab yourself and enjoy some fucking funny shirts. The sibling to the funny category as well as the bastard from the other marriage. These shirts will shock and appall if you're in a stiff crowd or get you laid if you go to college. They say sex sells and dad's need shirts and these shirts make enough references to pay your tuition. Shirts like "ASS The Other Vagina" will get you many praises from your bros and will attract the right girl for you, well until she sleeps with your bud next week, but it's whatevs! Also located in this category is the infamous Penis shirt that you will need to see to believe; *Note: Penis shirt works best if you are as big or bigger than penis on shirt. Partying- What's the name of the game! THUMPER! Why do we play! To get fucked up! Real partying (not that corporate mess) includes three things: Beer, Bitches, and Bros, in that order. We have just the thing to make your night of drunken debauchery even better, a tee shirt that tells everyone of your plan for drunken debauchery, and if that's not enough for you then perhaps you need another drink. Cheers!

Political- Political- We may not all agree on political issues but we can agree that has got a t-shirt for everyone. “You can’t fix stupid but you can vote it out” and we are all “Born Free and Taxed to Death”. We are all reminded to “Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups” and “Don’t forget to pay your taxes, 12 million illegal aliens are depending on you!”. No matter who is in office, America is still way better than Canada or Mexico. If there is one thing that 24/7 news coverage of political affairs has taught, it's that politics is another word for—Hey look at that Red herring! Red or Blue, Red or Blue, Whatever I pick is opposite of you! Speaking of socialist, why is Obama still in office? Hey did you hear Oba—er Osama is dead? Now gas prices will go down! Now that that's over, will the TSA stop groping my grandma now? You know I really wish there was a product that would give my opinions without me having to open my mouth, therefore I will never get into an argument and thusly will always be right. Oh, what's this Hmm, looks interesting…

Holidays- What do the holidays mean to you? To us they are a way to make more T-Shirts—I mean provide that spark of inspiration that allows us to express the spirit of the holiday in a graphical tee top fabric. Do you celebrate St. Patty's? Christmas? Festivus? Not to worry we have a shirt that will tell others exactly how you feel. My favorite is the Halloween themed shirt. Why? Because sometimes you don't feel like dressing up and need a way to show your lackadaisical attitude toward the custom by branding your shirt with "Cheap Ass Halloween Costume" Now whenever bunnies, imps, and slutty *input occupations* walk up to you demanding where is your costume, you can hold your head high so they can read your shirt!

Novelty- Batman or Superman? If you chose Batman then maybe you should look at our Novelty section which has shirts that allude to things not readily known, well not readily known to the SHEEP. Quirky, niche, or just different, this category of tee shirts will fulfill that individual itch that other played out shirts just can't scratch. Ever watch Community? If yes go buy the shirt, if no go watch it and then buy the tee shirt. We have awesome graphic tees.

Kids- After popular demand we now offer kids t shirts. The children of our life really need some great t shrits you cant buy in stores. Our kids and children's t shirts can be used as part of the buy 3 get 3 free deal. The kids t shirts size chart with let you know the best fit for your child or nephew/niece! Youth shirts are the best deals on the web and the variety can't be beat. Young or old...we have the tee for you.

Individuality:The world is has evolved into one big on demand service. What consumers want, when they want, and how they want it is the basis for business models now and moving forward. There are apps for your phone, content for your TV, wireless devices that can connect to everything else and more! Well here at www.roadkilltshirts we have taken this approach to T-Shirts. First and foremost we have a wide selection of shirts that will get you ready for the day; but aside from that, our shirts can be customized to the exact look and feel of your style. We offer Men's and Women's styles, and also a Hoodie option. On top of that each style has different cuts that will go well with any outfit, from simply wearing the T-Shirt as is to layering it as a tank top, you can't go wrong with us. However, just allowing you to pick the cut of your shirt wasn't enough…no that would be letting you off too easy! Once you've selected your style, then it's on to size. From youth-small to 10XLarge and everything in between is available for any body type, because we don't judge like the rest of the world. And then, after that, you are able to add color, the spice of life…or something like that, to your shirt. So how's that for on demand and individual style?

Networking:Help us help you. If you like our shirts, and consequently if you like us, then spread the word. Like us on facebook, reference us on twitter, mention us in your blogs and we will do our part to do the same for you. The power of the people is back like never before and the only way to make something of significance is to do it together.

More rambling about our site.

Funny T Shirts on the web and with our funny t shirt store we sell over 2000 t shirts. We now have Osama Bin Laden T Shirts. Bin Laden has been a boom for us. We are glad the navy seal whacked him. We have 10 Osama Bin Laden T Shirts and plan on adding more. The irish holiday is here and our St. Patrick's Day t shirts are HOT sellers. People love them and we love them too. Drink up and get an awesome beer tap t shirt with with. They come in irish green in sizes up to 10xl. We have gifts for dads, and gifts for men, We even have women's XS. We care about our loyal customers. St Patrick's Tees make great gift and with our Buy 3 get 3 Free, everyone can enjoy them. Ringers, baby dolls, XXL T Shirts, XXX T Shirts, Dirty T Shirts are the fastest growing store on the web. We know what people want and we give it to them even Rednecks love us as we carry Redneck T Shirts! Offensive t shirts can be a blast at a party.

And Party T Shirts are some of our speciality. Enjoy. While the other t shirt stores charge a lot for their shirts, we start at $14.99. Some of the most funny t-shirts on the web are here at We take pride in our shirts, each shirt is custom made. The funny t-shirts on all of our pages our own designs. one of my favorite is the more cowbell t shirt. It is from SNL and stand in a class in itself with obnoxious t shirts. We have shirt from TV show. It is always t shirt time here. I also love the callahan auto parts t shirt. Large shirts for big people. It is from tommy boy and that is a great movie.

The one i wear is I am in shape round is a shape t shirt. Don't ask why! Last but not least, i need to get the Jesus Save T shirt. We can all use some help here!More on how the buy 3 get 3 free works. At checkout there is a place below the shipping area to put in a CODE. that is where the code is entered. (A CODE IS NO LONGER NEEDED!!!) If you can't figure it out...misspell the code or can't get it to work...PLACE THE ORDER....then email us. We now offer the famous penis t shirt. You know it is the one with the penis poking out of the pants t shirt. It is the worlds most offensive t shirt out there.

Just because we sell dirty t shirts doesn't mean we don't offer other style. We have shirts for everyone.We have some very
funny t shirts
and we have anti-obama t shirts too! Once you screwed it up...there isn't much we can figure out unless we are sitting next to you. We will adjust it in the back end. All in all this is a great promotion. Keep coming back, we have lots of funny t-shirts for you to stuff in your drawers or leave on the floor. But when you buy funny t-shirts from know you bought the best! Remember we have awesome t shirts as well as geek t shirts and nerd t shirts. The latest trend is to be uncool with glass. Really? Epic t shirts are the greatest ones we have. The latest boom we have had are the anti obama shirts.

I can't believe how well the anti obama t shirtsare doing. they are flying off the shelves! The day has come for inappropriate t shirts and we have your mom!Funny T-Shirts, well, what can we say. We have them, over 1800 of them and adding every day. To all of you that have been our customers, thanks! At RoadKill T-Shirts we use only (Gilden, Bella, etc) 5.4 ounce (heavy weight) 100% cotton T-Shirts. Long Sleeve, Ringers, Babydolls...thousands of funny choices. We have funny t-shirts for everyone!

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no matter how you spell it...they are HERE! Everyone loves our shirts...and no one can beat our selection, get your party t shirts here...! Get humor t shirts for your friends or just get a gift t shirt for them. These shirts are so good we wholesale t shirts That is correct...we wholesale them. Starting your own business has never been so easy. We set you up! With dirth t shirts how can you go wrong...the country is in the gutter with everyone else!

Why are they so cheap? Why not? We have awesome t shirts. We don't pay rent in the mall... We keep prices low, buy funny tshirts direct from the vendor and use slaves to design our shirts. These are American Slaves, we don't sink so low to import our shirts! People ask us, why do you make fun of everyone, I say, why not. If you don't have a sense of humor, leave, life is already so freaking complex. Put on a funny t-shirt and tell everyone to get over it. We have some sick t shirts and you can't beat the price, the selection or the original content. One stop shopping! Looking for links. Link to us. We have funny t-shirts and people will think you are cool because you know us. We are the biggest graphic t-shirts site on the web. We sell funny t shirts and more than anyone else. These are not cheap t shirts, they are the best and very cheap t shirts. No one comes close with selection, size and choices. Not even Charlie Sheen t shirts. We beat them all. Why, who knows maybe they believe that you should like the 10 funny shirts they think are good. Well we all know the answer...Enjoy the t-shirts, link to us, buy a geek tee, help us help you. We need to get TRAFFIC from your site. We are no longer just trading but trading for traffic. Questions, email us...we will answer.

Lots of sites bring value and we understand. Read some funny t-shirts and let us know if you think you can drive traffic to us. We keep of luck to all! We are reaching our 3rd year of selling the best funny t shirts on the web. Well, as we all know, being number one or damn close to it, isn't easybut with Christmas you have to have christmas t shirts. As we review all the other sites and ask ourselves, why don't they add designs, why do they only give you 1 color choice? Why can't I get this designs on another color? Well, we believe in America and we believe in giving you choices! We offer over 10 colors and over a dozen of shirt choices, from baby dolls to casual tees! Go ahead checkout our will never have to go anywhere else!

With the economy in the tank...we are having a $10 tee sale. It won't last long so you better buy up the funny t shirts on this site. We offer the largest selection and we know it. It doesn' get better than one now..i don't want emails..."i wasn't finished with my selection". better check out..otherwise..your screwed!, Ok that sale is over but now we have Buy 3 get 2 free...for those that are bad in math, that is like $8.99 per can get that a flea market...let be honest...we are the biggest so we can control the game.Christmas is coming and we are adding over 40 new tees to the site. The best time of year is the Holiday season and we love it. Get those orders in EARLY for some graphic tees...the post office screws up a lot and we can reship. With the economy need to give away tv's...the tee shirt is the best gift going...and we have more than anyone we have 3 other sites for you to review. It doesn't get any better than this...we love tees and so should you. The tees are up and the discounts are great. We discount our shirts so you don't have to pay high prices...these are cheap but high quality. 6.1 oz, not 5.5 thin tees...beware of the competition..they will screw you. We know what they sell...we buy thier shirts to test them...well most of them suck!Road Kill t shirts has funny LADIES BABY DOLLS, LADIES CASUAL T'S, LADIES SPAGHETTI'S, LADIES TANKS AND RINGERS. These great funny t shirt are the best around. High quality, only the best is worn. These tshirts bring out the best in everyone. We even have st patrick's day t shirts and they come in the green the you need. St Pat's days is the best day of the year! These funny shirts are the best type of gift you can gift or wear. We have some crazy t shirts!

We now carry 6x t shirts, 7x t shirts, 8x t shirts and 10x t shirts. 10xl t shirts are really big but why deprive anyone of our shirts...we don't have anything bigger...not yet..we want to put the world in our shirts. 6xl and 7xl t-shirts are pretty big and 8xl t shirts give you hope that you might not hit 10x t shirts. We even launched some of the funniest t shirts do you like fishsticks t shirt and one big ass mistake america t shirt...the best one going right now is i'll keep my guns, money and freedom, you keep the change t shirt it is a hot seller! Another great seller is the Charlie Sheen T Shirts. Man that guy can sure step into the limelight. Charlie Sheen himself plan on selling tees and my guess they will be past the point of his time. We now have Sheen Lohan 2012 t shirts and we also added Christmas Vacation t shirts and you can't go wrong with the Clark Griswold t shirts! AND OF COURSE WE CARRY FUNNY T SHIRTS FOR MEN AS WELL AS FUNNY TSHIRTS IN RINGERS.

Funny Shirt Quotes
Funny Shirt Quotes
Funny Shirt Quotes
Funny Shirt Quotes
Funny Shirt Quotes
Funny Shirt Quotes
Funny Shirt Quotes
Funny Shirt Quotes
Funny Shirt Quotes
Funny Shirt Quotes
Funny Shirt Quotes
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